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World War 2 Aircraft

WW2 Aircraft

Bombers, fighters and secret weapons; Stukas, LaGGs, Lightnings and the like.

World War 1 Aircraft

WW1 Aircraft

Bombers, fighters and scout planes of the first air war; Albatros, AEGs, DFWs.

Cold War, Modern and Sci-Fi Aircraft

Cold War/Modern

Cold War and Modern fighters, bombers, helos, UAVs, airliners and xplanes.

Tanks and Armored Vehicles


Main Battle Tanks, armored vehicles, early tanks, tank destroyers and super tanks.

Guizhou Soar Eagle UAV

Chinese Guizhou "Soar Eagle" UAV


Small Arms

Flintlocks, lever-actions, automatic rifles, sniper rifles, anti-materiel rifles and the like.

Navy Ships

Navy Ships

Sea-going vessels like U-Boats, ironclads and nuclear-powered submarines. has provided over 300 profile artworks that have appeared in print and online including Small Arms Review magazine and Other creative works have graced,, and "Wedding Dress Creator" online application. We still retain the popular Chris Taylor Game Design Document as well as Rome:Total War console cheats and the Random Name Generator. can be contacted through runawaystudios at gmail dot com.

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